China revises Korean War history

The Korean War (1950-1953) never really ended because no peace treaty was ever signed.  Only an armistice was agreed upon by the warring parties.   The Korean peninsula was then divided geographically at the 38th parallel into the communist-led North and the democratically-oriented South.  With an unresolved peace, tensions between the two nations often have simmered just below the boiling point.  The building of a nuclear arsenal by Stalinist dictator, Kim Jong II, leader of North Korea,  coupled with evidence likely linking the recent sinking of a South Korean naval warship to North Korea, have increased fears of renewed warfare on the Asian continent.  Perhaps it comes with some surprise that in view of these provocations, China, North Korea’s former ally in the Korean War, has begun to take a different approach to the history of that war.  Here is the link to a recent article in the British newspaper, The Telegraph, about China’s revised history of the Korean  War:


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